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Pamela Glowski, Your Success Coach

I was first introduced to the power and purpose of Coaching when I started my own small business back in 2005. It was a Direct Sales Business based within the travel industry. I really didn't know anything about selling at that time, but I had always been told that I was influential. When I had first looked at the company and the product I believed in it. I saw the potential, the need and also the opportunity to help other people.


Now this venture was 100% commission based and every person who became a rep was their own business owner. 100% commission is a great way to get fire under your feet from day one! I connected with a "group" of reps selling the same products that I was and became a part of their Association. The association not only provided support, but everyone who was in the group was very willing to share their experience in sales, marketing, prospecting, lead generation, CRM systems, branding, etc. The group was comprised of just about every walk of life you could imagine and that was a huge advantage! There were trainings created to show us all HOW to sell, HOW to market, and HOW to grow a successful business. One of the most important skills that I was taught was to "Work harder on yourself and your business results will follow".


When I first heard this, being a great direction follower, I dove in. I didn't let a day go by that I wasn't working on some type of Personal Development. I bought and read many books, I joined networking groups, I watched movies like "The Pursuit of Happiness", I attended seminars and workshops even if it meant flying to another city. I followed blogs and was on several email lists for other coaches and authors newsletters. I literally was a sponge!


What I found was that as I grew confident not only in my professional sales skills, but in my self, the results just skyrocketed! I soon was earning a six figure income, 100% commission, from the comfort of my home. Now, do not be fooled, I was working hard. I was putting in sometimes 10-12 hour days. Some of that to build my own business, but I also was growing in the association and was asked to step into a Leadership Role. I became certified by the association, and I was teaching, training and helping hundreds via webinars, live conferences, and teleconferences.


In 2007, I started to get asked by other people's team members to personally coach them. I loved being able to share my experience, and I figured out that I was also an excellent coach. I could relate to people and I seemed to have a natural intuition to see beyond what they were saying vs. how they were really feeling. Sometimes as we worked together we uprooted limited beliefs they didn't even know they had, we reframed things for them so that they could see them differently and breakthrough to their own success.


As I started to grow, I hired coaches of my own. One personal coach and two business coaches. And that is where I fell in love. My experiences with my own coaches was so transformational to me as a person, and in my business, I couldn't even put a dollar amount on what the return was for me. I knew that I wanted to make this my profession and impact others the way my coaches had impacted me. To this day, I am working with a Coach. I want to make sure that I keep growing to better offer my clients, the best me I can be, for them.


In 2009, after the internet was giving great deals in the travel industry, I decided that it was time for me to move on. I didn't really think that I would be able to coach for a living then because I had only worked within one industry. But, I did feel confident that I could sell! The skills I learned from the members of the association, by far, worked and were proven.


I joined an excellent financial services firm. The sales training was like no other and I was a financial advisor within several months. I studied for my Series 7, Series 66 and became licensed in insurance. This was a full service firm and my business accumen grew quickly because I was dealing with individual clients and companies. It did require me to push myself out of my own comfort zone because I was required to prospect by going door-to-door ...residential and business communities. Rain, sleet, snow, wind, 90 degree days--I was out there, in a business suit, making connections! When someone tells me how hard it is to make calls or send emails I share this experience with a positive vein, because those walks taught me the value of not only a good pair of shoes, but of how building relationships was the key! Although my training, and the people within this company were excellent, I decided financial services was not for me. With the economy and markets being anyone's guess, I just couldn't guess with other people's money.


Still believing that my greatest strength was building relationships, I took another sales position with a local staffing service. I plugged in to the terrific one-on-one training, but also brought in some of my tried and true approaches. I knew myself well enough and had my own style. But what became the differentiator for me was learning quickly that I had to communicate with my clients and prospects from their style. No I don't mean that I was a chameleon. I hate that expression. In sales I believe that you should NEVER change who you are, to please a customer. One has to be confident in who they are, and what they know and explain to the prospect, in a way that they can see the value for them. I became a resource. Not only for getting them the people they needed to work for them, but also in industry trends, information about their own careers, and sometimes even a sounding board when they needed to work through organizational changes.


I was promoted rather quickly to the Director of Sales and Business Development, and then to Vice President of the company after 2 years with the company. Not bad for a girl who never earned a Bachelor's Degree...I am educated in so many experiential ways. I'm thankful for all who saw my value, intelligence and capabilities, without it.


I knew there was one place that I wanted to have credentials and that was in Coaching. As I worked as the Director and the VP, I started hiring and training staff. My approach with my clients was consultative and so it became with my Sales Team. Early on, I started drawing on my intuitive capabilities and coaching techniques to get results for my customers and for my company. It was time to pursue Coaching Certification to use in all aspects of my role--my company, my clients and my sales team.


I received my certification in Life Coaching in 2012 and my Human Capital Coaching Certification in 2013. I wanted both because I believe that when you are happy at work, you'll be happy at home. If you are happy at home, you will be happy at work. Everything we learn in business, then supports our ability to live life, the way we want to, out of work. So, Life and Business can't be separated, and I wanted to be able to Coach wherever needed.


I did have an inkling that Coaching was going to be my ultimate path at a younger age. When I was in high school our school had a program called Peer Advising. The students could come in and talk to one of the advisors about anything that was on their mind. We had a small room in the upper main hall of the high school. Some students came to talk about dating, some discussed classwork, some needed an ear to help them resolve an issue with parents or friends. I should have known by 1983 that this was my path, because I LOVED working with the students and helping them find solutions to their own challenges.


It's no different really today. I want to be the best sales coach I can be because I have done every kind of sales there is. And Coaching, well let's just say that is my true vocation, at my core. Whether a company or individual is looking to improve their results as/in Direct Sales, Product Sales, Service Sales, Door to Door, phone sales, Consultative Sales, Sales Manager and Director...and I have a lot to offer and, with committment and work with me, my clients can reach their desired level of success. I embrace every opportunity I have to help someone to "Create The Life They Can't Wait To Live" and I am honored to be on this journey with you!


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Because I am so passionate about being able to help every Sales Pro I can to achieve their desired goals, I am offering a limited number of Complimentary "Envision Your Success" Strategy Sessions. The maximum number of these sessions that I can offer this month, is 10! So if you, or anyone you know, in Sales could benefit, TAKE ACTION NOW!


In less than an hour, we will:

  • Get crystal clear about what your "ultimate success" looks like, not only in business, but in other areas of your life that are priorities
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are preventing you from truly thriving in your life and business
  • Develop some key strategies you can use immediately to put your life and career into balance and on the path to greater success and fulfillment

To request a strategy session, just send an email right away by clicking on "Contact Us".  Again, I only can offer 10 of these session, so claim one sooner than later!

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