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Transition to Transformation

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope that you will come by frequently to see what we are working on here and how what we do may be able to help you in pursuing Career and Personal Goals.


Let me introduce myself...I am Pamela Glowski and  helping Sales Professionals to build loyal and long-term client relationships that not only allow them to make great money, but affords them the opportunity to "Create The Life They Can't Wait To Live"! I have a soft spot for women sales pros, but I do work with men as well. I teach them to do this consistenly, from a base of authenticity and integrity, while having fun, too!! 


I know first-hand the impact and difference that can be realized from working with the right Coach...and this modality allows me to take all of the success, experience, and expertise I have in the arena of SALES and help others with it!


My philosophy of "First seek to understand, before thinking of being understood", allows me to work with companies and individuals from "Transition to Transformation" via speaking engagements, group coaching opportunities, and One-on-One customized strategic programs for individuals. The results that one can expect from working with me include:

  • Rediscovering their passion for the Profession of Sales
  • Setting and Achieving Goals for themselves, their Company and most importantly their clients!
  • Hitting and exceeding sales targets that had previously eluded them (and with full integrity!)
  • Managing their schedules with ease and grace
  • Creating healthy boundaries around work and personal time
  • Alleviating stress and burnout
  • Mastering how to work with any personality type, overcome any objection and increase their closing success with an authentic and consultative sales approach


I've incorporated skills I've received from formal Coaching Certification, Sales/Business Trainings, and years of real world experience to create a coaching program that is second to none!


I offer coaching and support in the areas of Sales Coaching, Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Human Capital Coaching, for individual Sales Professionals, as well as small to medium sized business short-term to long-term Sales goals and solutions.


If you would like to learn more about how I can help you to stop wishing, hoping and struggling and to "Live The Dream" call me or email me by clicking "Contact Us"


Because I am so passionate about being able to help every Sales Pro I can to achieve their desired goals, I am offering a limited number of Complimentary "Envision Your Success" Strategy Sessions. The maximum number of these sessions that I can offer this month, is 10! So if you, or anyone you know, in Sales could benefit, TAKE ACTION NOW!


In less than an hour, we will:

  • Get crystal clear about what your "ultimate success" looks like, not only in business, but in other areas of your life that are priorities
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are preventing you from truly thriving in your life and business
  • Develop some key strategies you can use immediately to put your life and career into balance and on the path to greater success and fulfillment

To request a strategy session, just send an email right away by clicking on "Contact Us".  Again, I only can offer 10 of these session, so claim one sooner than later!

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